today was
one of those days
you could slice
with a butter knife
the thick hot
of the summer heat
the cold solidity
of the tumbling rivers
the harsh reality
of an overexcited mind


end of day, new night

Nature's Chorus training began today
camp season is starting!
excited and glad to be with smaller family
closer to Earth folks
looking forward
appreciating back
relishing the NOW
two weeks of rain
nonstop wetness
moontime began
along with the new moon
fresh beginnings, thankful endings
Daniel at Wildcat, Jaz at Great Hollow
friend has returned to the community
another friend has left
all in flux
all in balance
breathing deeply stretching body to sky
morning clouds lifting to reveal blue sky below
sun peeking
then back into thunder clouds
rolling overhead
onto blueness once more
leaves floating on the wind
with memories and thoughts
a little bit of me too, to everywhere
back into the desert
dry beautiful faces and spirits
songs of depth
a new night
fresh potential with each fresh moment
fresh breath
where to


in CT now

spending as little time on computer as possible
so i will be brief and say
I'm here at Great Hollow now
I once again speak in singular form
but plural when refering to us, my Circle
here at Great Hollow
in LOVE with the woods, the people
many questions in my head
good place and folks to reflect and dive deeper with

(from an email out)
i miss you so much
is the obvious thing to say
much better to say would be
i looked up at the moon last night
surrounded by crawling fresh springtime caterpillars
(who are everywhere)
and fireflies
the first ones of the season
and i thought of you
what you are looking at
what you are doing
im feeling a lot right now
took a group of 6 middle schoolers on a outing into the wilderness
got them to listen to the trees
asked them about their families
told them about you
compared lives, shared stories, found many differences
but more importantly
found many similiarities
many connections
felt our conjoined humanity
been questioning life a lot lately
especially after jumping off the trspeze
found myself a grandmother tree
spoke with it
got deep
then found the tree to be physically dead
and realized that nothing ever is really dead
looked thru photos a little bit this morning
feeling remniscent
then couldnt go further
first faces that popped up in camera were mom, then sister
then daniel, and craig and
i started thinking
i started missing
and i just had to stop
...i am with beautiful people
i am the dancer here
the creative free spirit
the one who jumps up first in the morning
and rolls over everyone
singing songs
i am the one
who asks everyone to turn off their flashlights at night
when we're trekking thru the woods
i ask everyone
stop talking
so you can hear the wind, water, rain, trees
listen to the woods
feel them
feel you
feel me?
we're here
where are we going

summer is kicking in
sky is blue
earth is solid
my heart soars on the winds
feel me?