I'm trying to update more often. Rush a bunch of stuff in, before I leave computers again. You notice, yeah? Cool, huh? ;)
25 things... from Facebook tagalonga thingamajigga

1. I want to bike across the USA.
2. I want to self-propel myself around the globe.
3. I enjoy creating random acts of art.
4. I love making things for other people.
5. Dumpster-diving is like Christmas, every night, in trashcans.
6. I prefer sleeping out under the stars to sleeping indoors.
7. I do not like the City.
8. I have no more intentions of living in a City. Ever. Again. (for now)
9. I sometimes prefer trees to people.
10. When in doubt, I look to the Sky and am thankful to be here on Planet Earth.
11. I enjoy surrounding myself with beautiful people and plants.
12. I'm learning about edible and medicinal plants.
13. I will one day be able to step into the wild with nothing, and live off and with the Earth.
14. I like what I see when I look in the mirror, while realizing that this is "me," not Me.
15. I enjoy singing in echoey places, like caves and tunnels.
16. I enjoy biking thru the rain, getting muddy.
17. Hot tea is a staple in my diet.
18. Fresh vegetables make me feel very happy.
19. I stretch, dance, and write every morning.
20. I'm sort of addicted to chocolate.
21. Stretching my arms open feels very good.
22. I no longer introduce myself as "Joyce."
23. I enjoy poetry and beautiful words, like "inspire."
24. I still make a photo of myself every morning.
25. I try to live each day to its fullest potential.
from email to adrian:

and i?
am baking sweet potato this morning
the smell wafts thru the house sweetly
i put chinese medicine on my ankle this morning
"bao shin an" oil, or "po sum on" oil ;)
smell of menthol on my ankle
my best friend tim just left boulder yesterday
another best friend frank is in denver, visiting
what a balance
the sun is warm
getting covered with clouds
soft light on the trees
we will venture into the mountains today
leaving these rocky mountains soon again
off to az, then cali, then probably biking cross country!
had an interview this morning
rocked it
now i'm headin to ct, a place called "great hollow" this summer
daniel is coming too
smell of sweet potato permeating house
hot chai tea in my belly
sunshine on my face
promises for a lovely day
i hope you enjoy yours too!
from last month:
first day of snow a few days ago. beautiful, exciting, horrible, frightening. our shelter wasn't finished yet. now we just need insulation. blankets! need blankets and leaves...


- Leaving Boulder soon (next Friday?). send-off shindig tonight
- Started making sun tea and moon tea, inspiration via Tim. yum!
- Everything I have is moved out of our Shelter. My "extra" items are pretty much all at Naropa's free box (again). Down to just a pack again... all my worldly possessions. One backpack.
- My smaller backpack got stolen a few days ago. We stashed it in a pipe so I wouldn't have to carry it while hiking. When we returned, it was gone... am very sad. Slightly angry.
- Tim is leaving town, too. Feel sad, but also happy that he is walking his path. I'll miss him a lot. Will make me even more eager to get out of Boulder. (But can you miss what is not there?)
- Not missing you but loving you. And knowing you know the difference. (20 and 20)
- Working on the "Artist's Way" (by Julia Cameron) with Daniel. We're skimming the chapters and busting through the activities at the end of the chapters. Wonder if I'm more into it than Daniel is? It's been a few days since we last worked on the book...
- Need to play piano more often before we leave again... I won't have daily access to a piano for a while, again.
- On the road, again. Excited, scared... all the usual emotions. I am such a well-seasoned traveler now. I wonder how I'd do overseas?
- Daniel and I are planning a bike journey across the country. As much as such things can be planned.
- Japhy returns from South America sometime this upcoming summer. Excited to see him again, sad he's ending his journey... etc (and ofcourse there's wondering what the future shall bring too, while trying to stay rooted to the present moment).
- Present moment. What a gift!
- We should be landing ourselves in Connecticut this summer to work as wilderness instructors for kids. Excited! Wondering some about my interview...? They still haven't called me yet, but I was accepted onto staff last summer, and they still sound interested in me. And yes! I am still very interested in them.
- Frank is currently in Denver! I look forward to seeing him again.
- I drank a bunch of crushed flax-seed mix this morning. Hopefully it will help me poop good.
- I miss (ahhh! that word!) the Drum. Can't believe I've found myself in this City (Boulder, CO) for the past 4 moons. Was looking at Drum photos last night, and really missing that Lifeway... but knowing that I cannot yet, if ever, return. I've moved on. I'm still on my Journey. And that's okay. (Will I ever be finished with this wandering phase in my Life?)