black clouds glower and rush over
quivering earth, pouring rain
flower shower


Boulder shelter

Man... we've been through a lot. We originally came to Boulder, CO because Daniel's doing massage school here. I came here partly outta curiosity, mostly outta Daniel. Below are some photos of the shelter Daniel and I built in the woods of Boulder, CO. We lived in this cute little debris hut, perfectly built for exactly two people, their packs, and a little fire pit space. We never got around to insulating our shelter enough to merit building a fire. But, we were gifted a pound of wax, which I melted into lovely mullein candles, which kept us warmer inside than outside. And ofcourse, there's good old wool, goose-down, and body heat, too. City Life eventually took over though, much to both of our chagrin. I worked at Eldora Ski Resort from early November until December... basically until I couldn't stand the cold weather and even colder customers anymore. Even more so, I was ready to move on. But apparently, Boulder was not ready for me to move on. After I got home from quitting Eldora, I twisted my ankle running across the street. Daniel and I have spent the path month sitting around my friend Jack's place, waiting for my ankle to heal. We can't stay in the shelter anymore, because it's too difficult for me to jump the logs and whatnot to get to our shelter home, with my lovingly-dubbed Healing Foot.


Daniel writes more fully than I do about our life... you can check on his blog here.

super yummy banana carob smoothie

... and it's good for you too!

1/4 C soaked almonds (or more)
1.5 C water (I used less)
1 tsp vanilla, or better yet, an actual vanilla bean!
1 tsp probiotic powder ( I used hemp powder)
2 bananas
1 T carob powder (the more, the yummier)
1/2 tsp spirulina
pinch salt
... and add anything else you want (I added hemp seeds) (oh, and all ingredients optional too. you could just drink water or eat banana, but ofcourse)

still it all into the blender (or whatever you're using)
crunch, mix, blend,




every moment is a birthday
every inhale and exhale,
a celebration of life
a gift
a joyous awakening
life! what an ocean!
mine to float, drown, or just be with
it's all ocean nonetheless


This is the most challenging relationship I've ever been in. Yet also one of the most fruitful. We're working on "The Artist's Way" together. I'll teach Chinese, piano, etc. He'll teach meditation, yoga, etc. We're cultivating communication, creativity, and inspiration together. We're quite similar. It should be perfect... and yet it's... challenging, to say the least. I haven't been in this much internal turmoil since high school. Well, I'm dealing with boredom, a hurt foot, and being in the City again. The City is Boulder, CO. It's not as bad as say... New York City. But, it's still a City. I just received a random glare, one of many throughout the day. I'm delving within myself... painted for hours today. Will head towards the piano after I type this. Haven't been writing poetry for a while again, but am (still) returning to photography. Writing "morning pages" (3 pages of freehand before morning contemplative movement practice), dancing, drawing... going somewhere, yet trying to come to terms with the present. The present! What a gift. Daniel, what a gift. My bowl is half full, not empty. I accept and value this moment. I am open to wonder. I celebrate this gift of life.


shadows jumping and crawling
filled with stories
i saw you in a dream
laughing when we surprised each other
with our courageous outrageousness
and now
mountains soaring to far skies
an overturned cup, a cage
a comforting brother, always-there friend
everchanging clouds blown by restless wandering winds
they grab and pull
i'm off again, i'm off, i'm off
following the wind
wind wraps itself over, around, and through
rootless, goal-free
like me
the whim of the Universe
callings of the Earth
or of my own heart?
the difference being?
i saw you in a dream
we wrapped each other through trees
dancing through jungles, forests, deserts
still dreaming
but now darkness
and the shadows have secrets to share
mysteries to unravel
as i like here awake


I'm scared
of the darkness within,
the pain without
I'm scared (now), questioning
the shadowy eyed strangers zooming by
as I hold out my thumb, waiting for God
I'm scared (now) weaker, uncertain
of that quivering horizon,
those purple mountains
Life's filled with mystery
do I embrace the potential,
or hug the fear filled shadows, screaming?
do I cry in a closet (the world's too large)
or look friends and strangers deeply in their eyes
(the world's just right)
and smile
knowing that
I know, we know
we know we know