Her feet root into Earth. Her arms stretch to Sky creativity. Her eyes reflect mud and sky, and your eyes, too. She inhale-exhales Universe, and all the stardust and magic of her essence lives in you, too. Hello, life-lover.


Winds and Wings: Utter Surrender

"You're traveling all alone? But, you're a woman! Isn't it dangerous?"

Ha! Hey, I'm sitting right here in front of you, with all my limbs intact. What do you think?

I've lived out of a big backpack for the past three years. Who needs a shackle-me-down car, house, and credit cards when I've got a thumb, the wilderness, and a fiery indomitable exploratory learning-growing-sharing alive perfectly fantastic spirit?
I have danced with hundreds of humans, our voices and bodies balanced and bouncing with and against each other. I have explored edible forest gardens with acres and acres of trees coexisting with non-weeds, all food. I have seeded, weeded, and harvested my way through a handful of organic farms across the country. I have lived in communities both big and small, coexisting with people and landscapes, sharing work, play, life, love, and much laughter. I have spent countless days hiking, camping, and wandering far on my own in the wilderness of both the body and spirit. I have spread my wings, surrendered to the winds of Fate, and flown.

Basics of survival: shelter, fire, water, food. And I've got it all: I sleep out under the twinkly sky most nights, build a tarp or natural shelter when it's rainy or snowy, and find friends to couchsurf with when I'm (rarely) in town. I make fires for food, water purification, heat, and comfort. There's firewood everywhere. I harvest water from streams, rivers, and gas station bathrooms. I find food in the wild and in dumpsters (our society is so wasteful; American dumpsters are full of reusable edible non-trash.) I get from place to place by thumb or bike--- and there you have it! Doesn't take much to stay alive. Who needs money when I've got the perfect mixture of basic urban and wilderness survival skills?

Hitchhiking is not that difficult. You just need patience, a smile, and clean clothes. Oh, and a healthy thumb. And yes, I'm still alive. No, I haven't been raped, killed, or robbed. I'm happy and healthy, and I've met hundreds of amazing kindhearted folks in my thumbing journeys across the States. Mostly veterans and older men who used to hitch too, "back in the day." But, folks from all walks of life. So much raw human experience. Every human so… human. Our own life fears and joys are so huge to our own personal experience, but so tiny in the big picture. Almost insignificant. Except that all of us puny humans are indispensable. We all come together like 7.2 billion trees to create this magnificent magical Life forest, where every little decision adds up, and every nano-moment is precious and important.

I'm humbled by it all. I sit atop a mountain overlooking the sleepy small town of Glendora, CA. I grew up here: a little girl who never ventured too far from her hometown, then one day landed in her mountains, found the beauty of the Real World in the woods, and decided to set out and explore it all, everywhere. Life on the road grew me into a woman.
Sun sets; purple evening spreads her cloak across the land. Lights twinkle below. I watch the cars streaming to and fro in endless lines, houses laid out in a block-style pattern that stretch to the horizon. My mountains are so calm yet unstructured in comparison. Freeform sagebrush tumbles of her own accord all over the slopes, birds spontaneously wheel in the Sky, and circles and curves shimmer everywhere. Not a line in sight. This is what the land used to be like; this is what Life, real Life, is. Look what we've done to our world.

Traveling feels similar to the freeform nonpatterns of the birds and the sagebrush. Though seemingly random, the birds' flight and tumbling sagebrush have a basic pattern: the birds fly around the same areas, and the sagebrush hangs out on the sunny slopes. Solidity lies within the spontaneity. Likewise, a pattern emerges in my wanderings: I return to the same New England area year after year, each time delighted yet surprised to find myself there again, each time deepening my relationships with the land and her people.

I'm finding myself--- have found myself. Embedded in every conversation and experience is a nugget of wisdom, an illuminating clue to solving the mystery of my identity. The journey ends as I've found my place, my mate, and my Self.

…And yet the journey never ends. It's just morphing into a new look, a new and different type of journey. I'm excited and scared.

Life's like a trail. I can walk any way I want, with a constant general forward direction. Sometimes our trails intersect and we walk together for a short distance. Other times, I'll bump into someone on one trail, then decide to forge another trail… endless possibilities. My pilgrimage has been one of countless magical encounters, each changing my Life a little or a lot, every change adding up to a whole lot of growing up. Many unexpected gifts… leading me all the way to this very special present moment: sitting under an old tree on a hill I grew up on. After traveling full circle, I return here to find not much different--- but such a huge difference within myself. Nonetheless, I could've traveled as far by staying in this little town as roaming over 28,000 miles.

One can travel as far on foot as through the mountains of the mind. Traveling need not be physical; I'm slowing down. I'm rediscovering the beauty of just sitting still, watching shadows strut across the landscape. Returning to a place over and over, feeling myself sink into the Earth, grow roots, and blossom. I'm tired of being in an area for just a couple days to a couple months. I'm tired of the constant heartbreak of falling in love with people and places and then leaving again and again. I glean the lovely surface sheen of everything, but rarely get beyond superficial beauty. Enough! I found what I was searching for.

I'm ready to appreciate the little things, surrounding myself with lovely plants, people, and projects. I'm ready for longer relationships that, like good wine, mature deliciously with age. I'm not worrying anymore about keeping my pack down to a minimal weight. I'm planting seeds, watching them sprout, fending off the deer, weeding, then harvesting yummies. I'm ready! I'm ready to stay in a place for a while, and manifest my big goals and dreams into reality through much hard work, grounded solidity, and big belly laughs. I'm ready to make real my visions and create the world I want to live in.

I'm learning to live off the land. I've lived happily without electricity and city water for at least half of these past three years. I generally find myself in the rural boondocks of mountain, country, or desert lands, with honest hardworking folks who have sparkly eyes, rough hands and feet, and big warm hearts and hugs. I'm reducing my dependency on the economic governmental system and finding community and wholeness with like-minded folks: we reclaim our health, relearning old medicine ways. We reclaim our food, planting fruits and veggies, trading with other local farmers, and reestablishing our connection with our wild edible and medicinal plant friends. We reclaim our culture, creating our own songs, weaving our own stories, improvising our own dances. We reclaim total self-sufficiency, building our own homes, collecting our own water, growing and harvesting our own food, and lighting our own fires. Big warm fires surrounded by full communities of children, adults, and elders, where we share stories and songs, celebrate the seasons, and dance sacred open hearted dances that sing our souls, ignite inspiration, and celebrate our very humanity, our very aliveness. Because this is what it means to be truly alive.

This is the future I see; this is the future we weave.

I call him Earthstone. He calls me Windsong. We met at a primitive skills gathering in the backwoods of Connecticut--- he's born, raised, and still in Connecticut. Earthstone's totally grounded and rooted into that place. His umbilical cord is buried there. I magically spontaneously landed in Connecticut for the summer. Fate brought us together, we fell in love, and now three months later, I gave him my promise: yes, I'll stay with you for at least a year.

Me, Windsong? Traveler, wanderer, gypsy, free spirit. Promises? Commitment? Staying in one spot for a whole year?!

To the big winds that have blown me here, I offer you my deepest thanks, and all my heart. My wings are still spread wide open in utter surrender as you blow me, once again, into the Great Beauty of the fiery unknown known.

Yes. It's time. And, I'm ready.


free hugs!


I've made at least 70,000 photos over the past five years of digital photography immersion. and it's crazy that it's just in a digital format, and if anything were to happen... then there it all goes. whoosh! just like that. same with the online thing. all this temporal beauty. such is Life too, huh? a giant temporal art piece (sigh). too beautiful, slightly scary, so precious

preparing to jump... and fly



i open to it all



- lolling in the sunlight
- cactus fruit juice
- smelling wafty night smells that i can't see
- tippy toe running
- sanding my foot calluses
- naps
- doodles
- dreaming and scheming
- cleaning and de-rat-pooping
- condensing everything into one backpack again

tightly woven beautiful beloved


you so beautiful i just want to kiss you like wind kisses my body all over then eat you up crumbs and all like apple-delicious-crisp and autumnal leaf redness wow! bang and off we go into the autumn, into the winter, into a crisp blue (everything is nothing and nothing is everything) beyond where whirlwinds whirl sing and rocky rocks solid sink and we (sand to sand dust to dust glow to glow star) are always and continuous we

(from email)




- old photographs and places, filled with memories
- writing and editing stories for an audience
- harvesting sage
- deep gratitude
- gypsy beats
- beets and the pinkish pee that ensues
- pooping in the woods
- joking around with me parents
- freedom on a bicycle



- cooking dinner as a communal affair
- cloudy dramatics overhanging an "it's gonna rain... right?" type of day
- old places filled with old memories and stories
- heartfelt connections
- peripheral vision
- merino wool
- imagination
- messing with what's considered socially "okay"
- golden stain from California black walnut hull
- playing with old photos

- some not-so-guilty pleasures of being in civilization again:
     - (obviously) electricity and running water!
     - precorded music with surround sound
     - internet access
     - phone access
     - hot showers
     - this one a little guilty feeling: the car
- some pretty-sweet pleasures of being at parents' place again:
     - overflowing refrigerator full of my favorite foodie goodies
     - mom food (mostly traditional Chinese food, with an irreverent dash of vegan healthy splash)
     - my book collection
     - my piano
     - my bike!!!
     - my mountains!!!
     - my box full of old journals
     - my music collection
     - ma's sewing machine


strawberries are heart-fruits left from Aphrodite's little feet as she danced her way through this world


dancing in the Buttermilks

above Bishop, CA in the mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range of northern California, after my vision quest


- little babies
- water in the desert
- new bright colors to an otherwise earthtone clothing pallette
- sweet chocolate
- sweet words like honeycombs
- watching sunrise and singing sacred songs to echoey mountains that surround me in a 365 magic circle of loving acceptance
- unexpected phonecalls from old friends



- farmer's markets
- lotus root soup (like little brown wheels)
- white sage in left hand, mace in right hand, knife on hip, jade on neck
- birchbark postcard from justin
- making mail for my male ;)
- buying greens, cloth, and  browns with my ma
- playing with hemp: twist, over, under, tie, twist...
- juniper seeds (aka ghost seeds), and how they shine with much wearage
- how my mountains smell after rain
- the so green, so happy, so healthy devil's  ivy (pothos) that's been climbing up the walls of the room i grew up in since i was in high school. started growing her from a little cutting off my ma's even older pothos
- the little pothos, spider cactus, and unidentified succulent plants that used to travel with me... now thriving and lounging in my ma's sunlit kitchen window sill
- how the morning sun creeps across the grass
- how my black hair gets hot so quickly
- stories
- colored pencils


- fresh "man toe" (in chinese), basically steamed buns
- momma's cooking!
- running downhill at night on the tips of my toes with arms outstretched
- finalizing decisions with a big YES
- making commitments that feel right and good
- watching the light fade over the land below
- high places!!! woohooo!!! (my mountains)
- warm winds making rustling leaves
- conquering fears
- reaffirming old discoveries
- watching freeform flight joy birds dance in sky
- seeing lines and boxes, knowing circles and curvaliciousnesses



- cutting and resewing old clothes to make it wearable again
- reaestheticizing the inaesthetic
- making jewelry
- jade
- fresh guavas
- black sesame  paste
- cool shade on a hot day
- bright green right up against bright blue
- soothing oil on burnt and peeling skin

into the unknown

once upon a time
there lived a boy and girl
who loved each other so much
that she left her sky
and he left his earth
and together they jumped

barky road

my mysterious magic mountains- dusk

Re: changes

one wonders
as one wanders
around yet another curve
on life river's rapids
where am i going?
headed towards rocks
to solidify and to ground
or to grind and to crush?


identity as traveler, gypsy, wanderer, nomad, feather on the wind
is changing
and that's scary



- first sunny blue sky day after three gray ones
- seeing my face my face my face in my tea mug bubbles
- brown mud squirting from my pile of soapy dirty clothes
- clean clothes that smell like lavender
- dirt-crusted clothes that still smell like a month of smoky fires
- saw a bear today! she was rooting in trashcan near my bike after my hike
- saw deer. rooting under trees
- watched dusk descend into darkness, then pinkness over los angeles skies
- mysterious mountains that glow in the dusk
- pianos for confused heads
- confused head, knowing heart. tap into it



- cloudy days
- first rainfall since January
- happy plants
- green transitioning into brown; psychedelic euphoria
- biking!
- freedom feelings
- w ind blowing through hair
- different colored fabrics
- laughing at serious faces driving cars
- different peoples
- vege-wine parties about rainfall
- happy fruit trees
- fresh guavas!
- raw cashews


vision quest


trees, rocks, stream, sky
I've been here before
setting temporary yet forever roots again
resetting, actually
amidst sacred circle
sage, chaparral, and sweetgrassed intentions
prayers to four directions
a rock and seven logs to lie against and under
and wait
cold nights, frigid snow
circle Moon sashays across Milky Way sky
circle Sun hot pursuit
days too short, too long
secret silent snow pit pat tarped logs
all night primal fire
intentions set, waiting
a cry
wind sweeps down through painted canyons
to engorge my fire with strength and power
I am whole
circular mysterious, sacred feminine
celebratory ferocious, yet gentle masculine
a yin yang, black white reunion of male female day night
all merged into a passionate circle bubble glory of
me, we
completely interconnected wholly holy basket
trees, rocks, stream, sky embracing in joy
oh mighty Is,


- impromptu dances
- sun coming out on a gray sky day
- tea and cookies
- quick connections with random strangers
- deep connecting over years and years
- long phone calls that go past midnight
- peeling the dead skin off sole of foot
- an empty email inbox
- unexpected snail mail
- piles of awesome books
- libraries



once upon a time
humans wandered the earth
two by two
one day
God got angry
and send down thunderbolts
splitting us all in two
now, we wander the earth
searching, searching,
ever searching
for our second half
and lo!
i have found you
oh second half of mine
we are whole



excited and scared
scared and excited
looking out at the horizon, formed by my mountains
and feeling their solidity
their steadfast knowing
that it's all good
it's all okay
everything always come together in the most beautiful
and i too am these mountains
we are both mountains
all mountains
stardust galaxies and more
what have  i to fear?
what have i to take too seriously, get excited, scared, happy, sad, worried, etc about?
every nothing
and that's mountain solid


qqquaking bog

in the beginning, there was mud, moss, and much joy...
(hello, Justin!)


summer's end

red leaves fluttering already
not many, but many more en route
i too, en route
friday, ciao New England
(CONNECTicut, vermont, massachusetts)
friday, aaniin southwest desert
(new mexico, arizona, utah)
summer, hung out with kids and community
Great Hollow Wilderness School
forest and river
abundant food and poison ivy all around
old trees reaching to big sky
big sky filled with reaching branches
branches soaring up and up
up 'til one day down down
tinder, kindling, fuel
fuel, heat, oxygen
glowing coals
bursting flames
flames reflected in shining eyes
eyes connected to dancing feet
feet skimming over leaf-padded earth
earth's musty moist soil
from a never-ending summer rain
rainbow mushrooms popping everywhere
dandelions bursting from green buds into seedy fuzz
summer's end
back off into the desert
into relative unknown knowingness
i surrender



storm clouds moving in
darkness spreading thick loving fingers over the green land
another land in my head, in my heart
too many
i will miss this one, too
but not missing you,
loving you
and knowing you know the difference...



roots run underground deep
seeking water, finding earth



it's the morning
clouds are rolling across the hills
willows are sagging with sweat
from previous nights' thunderstorm party
i too am bent over
but, reaching forth still
like the knotweed blossoms
in bloom already!
it is now late summer



mushrooms grinding dead plant matter back into tall trees
shaded greens opening into ecstatic blues
where's wind blowing today?



the earth is spinning!
i can feel it
when i close my eyes
the sky is singing!
i can hear it
when i feel my heartbeat
i am so ALIVE
precious breath
rising and falling
with the winds
inner tides
i'm dancing


blue skies here today
birds singing all around
saw a mother chasing her baby deer around a meadow
baby's legs dashing all over the place
water day, today!
crawling up a waterfall
then warming fire
to stories of sunrises and sunsets
in the fire
primal heat


permaculture convergence

a few photos from my weekend at the New England Permaculture Convergence with Frank

some Great Hollow photos!

too many photos. but here's some. I am photographing again daily... and it is good :) oh, and I love my kids

camo day!

i find myself writing very descriptive emails
that make good summations for phog too
so will start adding some emails i write onto phog :)
found the mint today behind merrit
not familiar with oregano. will get familiar with it
just set a live trap behind the merrit with kids today
camo day!
thunder too, as we munched on lunch rock
one kid frozen stiff with fear on a rock in middle of water
thunder overhead
running through trees
watching others pass
prickers and pi hiding as we too hide
clouds play hide and go seek (too) with blue sky below
waters rushing and running
faster and faster
as sky father gifts us with


golden light rising over green hills
mist running lightly
berries bursting over thorns
bellies bubbling, sweet delight
more kids today!
camoflage play: dirt and leaves, charcoal masks
permaculture this weekend
skin earth colored folks
hearts shining, faces glowing
firelight moonlight
happy transitions again
old friends reuniting unexpectedly
meeting new friends joyously
barefeet packing solid supporting earth
offering hearts up
to an open sky
dying to give life
living to give death
feeling some sickness creeping through body
am helping it creep back out
with much good tea and rest
mind is all aflutter, though
yucky nonsensicals
oh yes, balance balance


blue grey

clouds tumble across a grey sky
accented blue beneath the surface sheen
slept indoors last night
six people in the room
a cacophonous chorus of breathes
rising and falling at differing tempos
my own soft and jagged
falling into rhythm with my
heart b e a t
clouds tumbling
as we roll across the
poison ivy strewn lawn
mimicking groundhogs
dancing like deer
down dark mysterious forest paths
where to next?
where are we
why are we
smiles and spontaneity
darkness and unknowing
just knowing
that beneath the seemingly ever-present grey
lies the bluest of blue blues
i know



today was
one of those days
you could slice
with a butter knife
the thick hot
of the summer heat
the cold solidity
of the tumbling rivers
the harsh reality
of an overexcited mind


end of day, new night

Nature's Chorus training began today
camp season is starting!
excited and glad to be with smaller family
closer to Earth folks
looking forward
appreciating back
relishing the NOW
two weeks of rain
nonstop wetness
moontime began
along with the new moon
fresh beginnings, thankful endings
Daniel at Wildcat, Jaz at Great Hollow
friend has returned to the community
another friend has left
all in flux
all in balance
breathing deeply stretching body to sky
morning clouds lifting to reveal blue sky below
sun peeking
then back into thunder clouds
rolling overhead
onto blueness once more
leaves floating on the wind
with memories and thoughts
a little bit of me too, to everywhere
back into the desert
dry beautiful faces and spirits
songs of depth
a new night
fresh potential with each fresh moment
fresh breath
where to


in CT now

spending as little time on computer as possible
so i will be brief and say
I'm here at Great Hollow now
I once again speak in singular form
but plural when refering to us, my Circle
here at Great Hollow
in LOVE with the woods, the people
many questions in my head
good place and folks to reflect and dive deeper with

(from an email out)
i miss you so much
is the obvious thing to say
much better to say would be
i looked up at the moon last night
surrounded by crawling fresh springtime caterpillars
(who are everywhere)
and fireflies
the first ones of the season
and i thought of you
what you are looking at
what you are doing
im feeling a lot right now
took a group of 6 middle schoolers on a outing into the wilderness
got them to listen to the trees
asked them about their families
told them about you
compared lives, shared stories, found many differences
but more importantly
found many similiarities
many connections
felt our conjoined humanity
been questioning life a lot lately
especially after jumping off the trspeze
found myself a grandmother tree
spoke with it
got deep
then found the tree to be physically dead
and realized that nothing ever is really dead
looked thru photos a little bit this morning
feeling remniscent
then couldnt go further
first faces that popped up in camera were mom, then sister
then daniel, and craig and
i started thinking
i started missing
and i just had to stop
...i am with beautiful people
i am the dancer here
the creative free spirit
the one who jumps up first in the morning
and rolls over everyone
singing songs
i am the one
who asks everyone to turn off their flashlights at night
when we're trekking thru the woods
i ask everyone
stop talking
so you can hear the wind, water, rain, trees
listen to the woods
feel them
feel you
feel me?
we're here
where are we going

summer is kicking in
sky is blue
earth is solid
my heart soars on the winds
feel me?



Phoenix, AZ to Sedona, AZ to Boulder, CO

Hung out with Loving Hut folks in Phoenix. They had a soft opening of a new vegan restaurant. Helped out... mostly taste tests, curtains, deco, etc. Delicious food, even more delicious people.
difficult hitchhiking out of Phoenix. The bloody city. dropped bikes off with Brother Kanal, dad's buddy. he's worried about our safety. feel lots of love from these people. and don't worry. it's all okay. what happens, happens. life is life, death is death. the pain and suffering comes with all of it, regardless. the purpose of fear is to protect. and i choose not to live in fear. yes, i'm a lot more careful than i was when i first started my traveling journeys, but still fearless. but now with care. so please don't worry about me...
slept on the side of the interstate, behind a wall and below a flashing billboard of oprah and other brilliantly colored advertisements. small bushes and weeds thriving below a flashing sign. goats on the other side of the fence. dogs barking in the distance. a dull oceanic roar from the highway. a decent night's sleep, then on to the next day of thumbing, thumbing... quick hellos and goodbyes. much gratitude for all the kind smiles and loving hearts. people who take time out of their lives to stop and pick up two strangers on the roadside. what courage! (while in some other countries it's expected, in this country hitching is still so rare. i feel so blessed that Tank introduced me to it, then various people along my path helped me along in this form of careful yet fearless travel: Tommy, Evi, bfc kids...
we meet JP on our last hitch out of Phoenix. he's heading to Sedona! Sedona. small new agey town (getting yuck-touristy but still lovely) nestled into the majestic red rocks, brother rocks of Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, etc. JP is intrigued by our stories, and exchanges us a bag of groceries for a night of hanging out. Unfamiliar with camping out: cooking by fire, sleeping out, sleeping bag sleeping pad tarp set-up... first time sharing with someone pretty foreign to living as I do. a little annoyed that everyone seems to credit Daniel with our lifestyle, me as following him. yes, i hitchhike on my own, too. yes, i sleep out, too. actually, i was inspired daniel to live more of this lifeway. no, i'm not that afraid of being a solo woman traveler. yes, i do all of these things on my own. don't you dare belittle me for being a woman. maybe all these thoughts are just in my mind. maybe no one else is thinking this, but i'm just projecting it. but it bothers me, still.
daniel and I spend a week camped above the town of Sedona, in the wilderness area of the land. where it's okay to camp out,  make fires, etc. going down to town once a day for water. daniel got msg poisoning. accidentally purchased peanuts with msg inside. a whole night of puking and diarrhea, a whole day of rest and tense muscles.
wandering through the desert. javelina tracks, bunny poop, red rocks. blue sky, oceanic cars still in the distance, whooshing strong wind... kisses from afar. i see, hear, feel, smell, taste, am... yes
Porangui! dear friend, brother, fellow music-maker, dancer, lifelover, healer, and too much more. from wintercount. we stayed with him for two nights while prepping leaving Sedona. he came back into town as we were leaving town. right before bedding down in a clump of bushes outside of Safeway, i get a call from Porangui... then comes the "rescue team" (porangui and his brother Reed in their big Red Boofus!)... much love and thanks. porangui. he who walks the Beauty Way.
we thumb out of Sedona from the edge of town. within minutes, John picks us up. He's heading all the way up to North Dakota to "face the music" from an old DUI charge he ran away from. beautiful man, full of rich life experiences. changed from a "horrible crazy kid" to a calmer, wiser, older dude. full of love for God. fresh gratitude for Life. a family of drunks. been dry for 17 months, but it's difficult. "Every time I go home, they try to get me to drink..."
lots of time in the car, very little time outside. a puppy dog, Gretchen, howling and uncomfortable for the whole journey. our muscles sore and tense, ready for quality rest, we big John and Gretchen adieu a few miles outside of Boulder...
now we're here in Boulder for a few days doing odds and ends. cloudy weather. city yuck. BEAUTIFUL friends. Serge, Clay, Rose...


bikeUSA: Venice Beach, CA to Phoenix, AZ

First time at the computer in a few days. A barrage of emails in my inbox. This photo from Randy, who we met at a rest-stop outside of Phoenix. We're exhausted, my ankle hurts, it's getting dark, and my bike's inner tube has popped. Again. We find Randy and Bim with their motorcycle, the engine dead. They're waiting for a tow truck. When the tow truck arrives, we lash our bikes on, too. We roll fancy into Phoenix, AZ. Lights blazing all around. Spend the night in a field, surrounded by cars and buildings. City smell. Los Angeles City to Phoenix City. California to Arizona. Thus, we have come full circle.
Biking ,what a learning journey. By the end of it, I'm getting pretty constant wrist pains, ankle pain by the end of the day, and am developing back pains. And Daniel is just plain tired. We have to average 50-60 miles a day to get to CT on time. We'd prefer to mosey slowly, spend time experiencing the places we're passing thru (instead of just passing thru), etc. We decide to end the journey. Another day, another time. When there's no schedule.
I'm grateful for this journey, though. Am especially grateful for all the wonderful people we met along the way. We received at least one person's good wishes each day, strengthening words of encouragement. We received prayers, food, rides when we needed them, showers, advice... love. We're hailed as "inspirational," and I can visualize us as comets bicycling, bicycling, bicycling...
And it's enough biking for now. We're hitchhiking again. It's a faster means of travel. We cut quickly across the areas we don't wish to spend much time in, then spend lots of time in places we really want to be. Like here outside of Sedona, AZ. In the wilderness. With the trees, wind, and red rocks. With dreams of singing trees, and days of fulfilling dreams.


bike USA photos from Adrian

Adrian surprised us outside of Joshua Tree, CA with a visit! We're biking down Route 62 when I hear a honk behind me. I wearily look around... and it's Adrian!!! I'm incredulous. All day, I've been watching the cars zoom by, hoping each was Adrian... and then had just given up. I left Adrian a fuzzy phone message with something like "me and Daniel are somewhere on Route 62 heading out of Joshua Tree and into Arizona..."

lo and behold, he found us!
Here's Adrian's photos:

(oh, and Adrian was my original inspiration for biking across the USA. thanks!!)


he writes and plays on computer more than I do. so check his blog here often for our updates. most recent: