Project ME 2008

Project ME= My Evolution. I began photographing myself every morning on December 7, 2005. I'm still evolving, my camera still documenting...


it is time
time for me to ask
questions of all sorts
i am seeking
something at once dark, light,
and beautiful
in my life
it may lead me into the desert
into the mountains
out of the country
into this earth
and back into the sky
floating around
may i see you there


embarking on a new voyage yet again
riding into the sun on a vast ocean
but still clinging to the wave
that is already gliding past
moving onto new waves, new adventures
propelled forward by old waves, old adventures
welcome ocean spray, sweet sun
but forever riding into the sun
rising or setting?


if why
who am i
needing nothing
and yet so much
sun rising
over purple hills
mountains rising
over random plains
the Earth sits
waiting patiently
dancing with each turn of the seasons
each song of the dawn and dusk
i circle and wheel in the sky
i jig and celebrate in the Earth
i stand like a tree
strong in the winds
and walk down roads and roads
confident in my unknowing
that it will all be okay


the edges beckon and call
waves pushing and pulling
oceanic internal surges and flurries
what do i want?
horizon-hugging plains
scattered mountains singing allure allure come come
oceanic everywhere potentiality
where do i go from here?
boogieing with black ice
waltzing with questions
improvising into the touch feel darkness
will you come with me?
black lines glitter electric
boxes shine, side by side by side
suffocate suffocating squares
my breath rises to embrace the infinite
writhing and intertwining with alone but never lonely (really?)


dont know what's in store
feels like my life is an ocean
such huge waves right now
i'm getting tossed about
resurfacing both stronger yet weaker
drowning again


I dreamed of you last night
did you see me too?
I thought that another was you
and woke, disappointed
maybe one day I'll fly away
won't be afraid to be lonely
knowing I never truly am
oh, to truly know!
maybe someday I'll stop wondering
and just rest, solid in my content
satisfied in just being
with me, of all
maybe someday I'll grow so much
that I feel my roots and limbs
my connection with the great all
maybe for sure someday one day I'll be
I am