The Story of B, by Daniel Quinn

- The world will not be saved by old minds with new programs. If the world is saved, it will be saved by new minds--- with no programs.
- “If the world is saved, it will be saved by people with changed minds. People with unchanged minds will say, ‘Let’s minimize the effects of pushing the button.’ People with changed minds will say, ‘Let’s throw the box away.’”
- The Taker vision: The World was made for Man, and Man was made to conquer and rule it.
- The Leaver vision: The World is a sacred place and a sacred process, and we’re part of it.
- Farming and “totalitarian agriculture” as the start of Civilization as we know it--- the “Great Forgetting.” Everything we “know,” even religion (mainly as “salvation,”) hugely influenced by the Great Forgetting. Now, trying to start the “Great Remembering,” towards tribes again, the way of the “pre-civilized” folks, and how many “indigenous” folks still live… what Teaching Drum is trying to walk towards.
- We are all interconnected, and everything has Spirit and Purpose. Animism. Everything affects each other. My stepping on this plant affects how the planet will be eons from now. Someone coughing in Nepal affects me right here, right now, too. We’re all interconnected. It’s all a part of the great Circle. Death and Life are the same. When I die, I will return to the soil and look through the trees and soar on the wind. My grandfather still walks on in the world, through my feet.
- “We’re straying from the path of salvation for love of the world … we are the ones he was talking about, and this is the final hour--- but it’s their final hour, not ours. They’ve had their day, and this is indeed the final hour of that day. Now our day begins.”
- “You are B.”


the Continuum Concept, by Jean Liedloff

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Many a life is spent in seeking nothing much more than proof that one exists. Racing-car drivers, mountain climbers, war heroes, and other daredevils who flirt with death by predilection are often only trying to feel, by as close contrasting as they can with its opposite, that they are, in fact, alive. But shaking up the instinct for self-preservation can only dimly and temporarily simulate the steady, warm current of the missing sense of self.

The search for in-arms experience, as the years pass and we grow up, takes on a great many forms. Loss of the essential condition of well-being that should have grown out of one’s time in arms leads to searches and substitutions for it. Happiness ceases to be a normal condition of being alive, and becomes a goal. The goal is pursued in short- and long-term ways… it becomes increasingly clear why we do many of the seemingly pointless things we do. In-arms deprivation expresses itself perhaps most commonly as an underlying feeling of unease in the here and now. One feels off center, as though something is missing; there is a vague sense of loss, of wanting something one cannot define. The wanting often attaches itself to an object or event in the middle distance; put into words, it would be “I’d be alright is only…” followed by some proposed change… when the object is attained, the middle distance, where mother once was, is soon occupied by a new “If only” and the distance between it and oneself become the new measure of the space between oneself and the missing rightness--- rightness in the here and now. One is sustained by the hopes raised by the succession of objects as they arise at the distance dictated by the degree of unattainableness one needs in order to feel “at home,” that it, in the same relationship as one was in to one’s mother when in-arms experience was denied.

Expressions of in-arms deprivation checker our lives and color the personalities around us so frequently that we tend to view them as part of human nature… [for] the compulsive traveler, new places hold the promise of being the right place, for the illusion of the magic return to arms is untenable in any clearly perceived reality. Thus the comparative greenness of far fields gleams alluringly to the if-onlyist, who believes, for reasons not recalled even by himself, that fulfillment lies in the change to a certain other place.

[Change as accepted and expected for constantly moving in-arms infant]

How to apply the Continuum Concept:
- good mix of older and younger children to talk with each other
- activities for kids for companionship and example
- no “generation gap”: younger generation proud to be like elders
- families close together: companionship and cooperation
- unchanging way of life: equal work and cooperation of community
- children go everywhere with adults (if they want)
- generations all live under same roof
- leadership emerges naturally and is fluid; change is easy number of people living together varying. Good relations, thus, with all
- sleep with kids. Make love in their presence, even
- trust baby’s capability for self-preservation; don’t be over-protective

We [should] not imagine that children must be happier than adults… we hold this view largely because we are in constant pursuit of some goal that we hope will restore our lost sense of rightness about our lives. As we attain the goals and find ourselves still missing that nameless something kept from us since infancy, we lose by degrees our belief that the next set of hopes will relieve our persistent longings. We also teach ourselves to accept “reality” to ease the pain of repeated disappointment as best we can. At a certain point in midlife we begin to tell ourselves that we have missed, for one reason or another, the chance to enjoy complete wellbeing and must live with the consequences in a state of permanent compromise. This state of affairs is hardly conducive to joy.


2007- a doodlicious summary

infinite thank you's to everyone who made this year so colorful and delicious! lovelovelove...


we are nothing

a self-constructed reality
a human sculpture
of hacked and re-welded limbs
new monsters of nearly hilarious
yet utterly terrifying
stalking us
through cloudy dreams
on green winds we fly
off to change the world
off to seize the day
to knock our boxes off
to get naked
and become

no more

flickering lights
enticing across the snow
no more


dark purple

(yes, like a red veil across the blue sky)
stifling a fiery spark (I’m suffocating
in here, the walls closing in, and
no one can hear me scream,
but I’m screaming and
into wordless music,
and I will stay alive,
will not surrender,
will keep burning bright)
a small solid box sits in the middle of the desert
baking in the sun. a
silent shriek echoes
through the dust shrouding the box,


teetering on the edge
of a tottering (un)consciousness
I jumped


am I falling or flying?


Maps to Ecstasy, by Gabrielle Roth

1. Free the Body (power of the Body)
a. Five Rhythms= Flow>>> Staccato>>>Chaos>>>Lyrical>>>Stillness

2. Express the Heart (power of Love)
a. Emotions= fear>>> anger>>> sadness>>> joy>>> compassion
b. “Fear properly channeled yields wide awake engagement”
c. Truthspeak, free emotions, express them like a child

3. Empty the Mind (power of Knowing)
a. Sacred Teachers= me, family, friends, society, Universe
b. “Have a love affair with yourself… treat yourself as you would a lover with whom you are passionately in love”
c. Lifecycles= birth>>> childhood>> puberty>>> maturity>>> death
d. Write your story!

4. Awakening the Soul (power of Seeing)
a. “Life is a cabaret, and our challenge is to act out our own essential Self on the stage of the World”
b. Roles= dancer>>> singer>>> poet>>> actor>>> healer
c. Seeing vs. looking
d. “Every mundane activity is an opportunity for full authentic self expression”
e. Oscar Ichazo= her teacher at Arica
f. “Watch where your inner chatter (ego) spends the most time”
g. “The goal of the shamanic actor is to be free and spontaneous, physically, emotionally, and mentally, easing effortlessly into each present moment”

5. Embodying Spirit (power of Ecstasy)
a. Ecstasy is being fully alive
b. Inertia>>> imitation>>> intuition>>> imagination>>> inspiration
c. “After you jump and just before you land is God”
d. Be fully alive: show up, be who you are, share your gifts



Hug me, for I feel alone. Listen to me, for I feel unheard. Talk with me, and let’s laugh together, dancing naked in the snow underneath the singing stars. Accept me as I am, for I wish to be no other. Love me, for I am you.