the week after UCLA

journey to my (overgrown) rock, a Mt. Zion (insect-covered) morning, breaking in (and loving) new boots, packing for my future (undefined) travels,and a ridiculous amount of (thankfully shortlived) domesticity.

my (current) summer itinerary:

June 18-25= Honolulu, Hawaii; Asian American Journalists Association convention (as convention photographer)
June 27- July 31 (?)= Utah; Redcliff Ascent wilderness therapy training, maybe Second Nature training
August 1-5= San Francisco, CA; Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications news convention (as convention photographer)
August 6-13= Sierra mountain range, CA; Sierra Challenge
August 14-20= Pennsylvania; Sierra Student Coalition summer program ("SPROG")
August 21-?= travelling back across the USA with Tank
Sept ?- ?= (?) Utah; working as Redcliff Ascent wilderness therapy field instructor with an 8-day on, 6-day off schedule. during each 6-day period, variety of possibilities: freelance photography (with newspapers, magazines, individuals, and more), climbing big rocks, peak-bagging, roadtrips by car, bike, etc to new places, visits to old buddies rampantly located on the west coast (esp Jeff), trying new activities (ie snowboarding in the winter), and leading a nomadic life of photo, adventure, and new things in general

"Change the World!" Festival- 2006

"Hello, friends!

Want to get inspired, network and connect with other students like you who can help you achieve your goals? Want to share art and music, and dance the night away under the stars to a cool ocean breeze, brainstorming ways to make the world a better place?

Come to the first "CHANGE THE WORLD FESTIVAL," on JUNE 9 and 10, Friday night and Saturday of 10th week, at MALIBU CREEK STATE PARK.

The Festival aims to connect students who seek to change the world with networking activities, a quick talk with Scott Sherman (Professor of Transformative Action at UCLA), and more, after Friday night's revelries.

If you're interested, please email Joyce and Dana at changeworldfest@gmail.com by June 2. We look forward to seeing you there!

Peace, love, and happiness!
Joyce and Dana"

a night and dayful of connection
holding hands, spiralling hugs, running naked through the longlong grass
nothing physical left
just marks on a blanket
spikes in my clothes
but the memories!
moon peeking circularly through the clouds
glimming fast across the sky
racing our rushing legs
a drumbeat heartbeatbeatbeating
rhythm pounding, blood to the mind
thoughts numerous as the unseen stars
mosquitoes singing us to sleep
dreaming of a perfect society
brainstorming actions to make dreams reality
connecting, inspiring, dancing, playing
we'll change the world

Daily Bruin "30" Banquet

DB marked the beginning of my transformation from a high school teenager to a college adult. It solidified my fluttering ideas as an "artist" and changed me into a "photog," a "photojournalist" no less, with tools, ideas, and understanding of my possibilities, the world's possibilities. Thank you.

E3 Culminating Banquet

E3= Ecology, Equity, Economy= SUSTAINABILITY

Thanks to everyone (and all things "E3") for changing my life, basically. I'll keep in touch (and thanks Nikki, for hosting the banquet!)

UCLA Spring 2006

(photos of me courtesy master photog Jeff Dhungana)

the final quarter
and oh what a quarter!

artsbridge culmination


ucla grad

cheers to new adventures!
a glass overflowing of J O Y
dripdropping over the edges
a turn in the road
a crick in the creek
i'm moving! i'm leaving!
i'm gone
on to new places, better things
a new life
i'm a nomad!
no real home, a wandering footloose
e x p l o r e r
oh world
i give you my heart
i fling you my body
unto the wind
take me
take me far


color of love

"In life, just as on the artist's pallette, there is but one single color that gives meaning to life and art--- the color of love."
- Chagall


Malibu and Venice surfing

today was my first time
tossed among the waves, attached to a piece of plastic
attempting to stand up
falling again and again
swallowed by mawing blue caverns of echoing depths
swallowing the swallower
spitting salt, saliva, and spirit
“you daredevil”
venturing right towards rocks, left towards whitened crests, back towards a crowded shore, forward to a mysterious unknown
thus forward

my body in water, my mind in cloud, my heart in the Sierras
he’s climbing somewhere, whacking ice, tasting snow, straining muscles
one final week

my mind swims with thoughts, my body still adjusting (3 hours later) to a stable land
wafting “work it, work it” bumbling through my window
multitudinous typicals jostling in a crowded smoky room
crowded smoky rooms

goodbye materialism and everything of the past
(attempted goodbyes; too many to number)
I’ll miss you

thus forward
memories abounding, materialism lost, a forever (re)gained
one final week
my heart
tossed among the waves
I stood up
I swallowed
I ventured