Videos- first video, and gallery exhibit

my first video. ever. with Diki (from summer 2003, immediately after high school grad)

my Kinross gallery exhibit from the winter 2006 quarter


Chasing Helios

the land of my youth

This photo encompasses much of the geography of my youth. I am standing on "my mountains," the Glendora mountains (the foreground). The next set of hills are South Hills, which I "discovered" senior year and spent much of the summer after graduating from high school romping about with my then-guppy (now what?) Nini, creating stories of tree spirits, an alter-reality of tire-caves, rock-communication, and fantastical dreams. I am unacquainted with the next set of hills, but have biked to their base, and gaze at them from on top of South Hills, on the other side of the rushing 210 freeway. I associate the distant hills with Riverside, the Center, and my mesa. The large green area on the right is my middle school. The large green area on the central left is my elementary school. My home (though I can no longer call it "home," as I don't live there anymore...) is somewhere where--- if you draw a right angle connecting the two schools, somewhere in that 90 degree bend. My high school is at the base of East Hills, to the far left, only a gray rectangle of parking lot visible. The photo, however, cannot communicate my peripheral vision and complicated relationship with the area: the Los Angeles haze to my right, the ever-snowy Mt Baldy to my left, behind me, Azusa Canyon and a faithful backing of solid green Glendora mountains, my mountains.

To be so safe and close to these mountains. But oh, to leave and explore different mountains. Maybe a place with no mountains?
"You can't make a living out of that," she said, "it's a hobby; find a real job."
"Why don't you talk to me? Why do you glare at me like that?"
Perhaps I totally disagree with you but have no energy to fight. I am saving my energy for the ADVENTURES that I WILL have and when I SHALL get out for I am NOT staying close to that which I love and am familiar with... there is too much else out there.

free as
running barefoot, naked
blackened slopes, Helios
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Chalk art

(photos from a few days back)