California Student Sustainability Coalition
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
weekend workshop
absolutely inspired
the niceset people
I've attended workshops before, most recent most often in photo. Different sort of inspiration. A selfish inspiration for ME to shoot better in MY work. This weekend's inspiration pushes me to make the WORLD better, not to better MYself but to use the powers invested in me and in those around me to turn around the darkness we (the world) are spiralling into.
Undescribable feeling of empowerment
yet confused and a little bit drowning
there is so much to do
I feel so small
I really just started
haven't even started, really
will I? can I do this?
I hope the feeling lasts
as right now I feel so inspired
there's something new, something great, of hope, and good work


Toes and Ocean

"Climb me!" shouted the tree, cutting my toe for payment. "Climb me!" shouted the rocks, eating another toe after I slip.

Poetry- untitled 2

no photo posts recently because I return to room each night too tired to upload images (from much adventuring and happiness!). Quick poetry-post; this one is going up, because Jeff liked it...


sleepily sitting in window looking
reflectings of reflections
tea from two days past
lingering taste on tongue
drooping eyes arms akimbo
sleeping, body hugged by windows
caressed by wind and noise


math sciences' roof

windy day. gorgeous sky. scattered thoughts.

(my building, the co-op, is the building in the center of this photo)

hurt toe

Sunday: hiked for a full morning in flip-flops no problem, then returned... and tripped on the stairs

me at 100

...hopefully not
(from a photoshop class project to age ourselves)



down Overland, thru Ballona Creek bike trail

What a lovely President's day break! Went random exploring on early morning high, finished evil Nazi essay, enjoyed an awesome bike ride (pictured here), then came back for yet another random explorative adventure climbing high, rolling down low with Jeff and Brian (you guys are da' bommmmb)... regretting not lugging along Luvi... next time, next time :) When I don't have my camera, I have no documentation of the activity or event, and it only lives in my memory... which makes it that much more special (but next time I'm bringing Luvi!)