dreams made real by living them

once upon a time, 
a woman danced to a man playing banjo
to the setting sun, the autumn harvest, and a huge fire that smelled of apples
she danced to his song, falling in love with the melodic sweetness and playfulness of his fingers caressing his banjo 
he played to her dance, falling in love with the grace of her curves bending and swaying, leaping and spinning, to his twirling tunes
they sat down next to the fire together
to sing more songs together with their extended community 
their eyes catching fire as they caught each other glancing at the other

one night, a few weeks later, he asked to come over to share dinner 
she had just come home from a full day of playing with plant alchemy 
it was dark, and she was tired 
"just jump," whispered her heart,
and so she said to the man,
he came strolling into her forest with both banjo and guitar in hand 
they end up talking for hours and hours,
and just singing a little, right before he leaves 

they continued to meet 
at odd hours 
and in odd places 
eyes gazing deeper 
hearts opening further 

the new moon

(the rest of this story 
is still being written!)

(silhouette photo by Tom) 

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