(filipendula ulmaria) 
digestive anti-inflammatory

leaves are beautiful and sweet-smelling
we kneel down onto the soft earth, nestled deep into the tall meadowsweet on the side of the road 
we cut close to the base of the plant, as close as possible to the ground, with our pruners 
there's another poisonous plant growing, mixed in with our medicinal meadowsweet 
7song doesn't even look up 
"i just look for the red glaucous stems," he says, plowing through the meadowsweet from patch to patch
i can see his line of travel when i stand up 
glaucous means waxy
the meadowsweet stems are mildly waxy on the surface, hollow, and softly angled into a circular form
i enjoy being surrounded by and within it, the air perfumed with its scent 
we emerge with arms full of meadowsweet rolled up around burlap sacks 
we fluff them out throughout the classroom 
they will make wonderful medicine 
this gathering process is good medicine, already! 
more to come... (the process has just begun) 

(photo of apprentii from 7song )

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