toes, beans, and guitar stick

running across slippery rainy road at night in Boudanath, Nepal-
slipped and fell into the gutter. couldn't sleep; heartbeat thumping
in my toe. wake up to two small purple grapes on my feet instead of
healthy toes... 2 weeks of no walking with infected toes that turned
into a week of fever, fatigue, and frequent fervent doodles on endless
pieces of cheap indian paper. now, china. toe grapes have diminished,
i can practice yoga again, can run and play again, but still am
careful- toe nails are shedding, it averages about 30-40 celsius here
as i sweat and sweat, my green beans are sprouting in my friends
japanese pot and i eat these life-filled beings daily (om), and thanks
to magic of couchsurfing found someone (thanks jeep) to bring my
little stick guitar from taipei over here (originally from vermont,
usa) for me to play along with my new friend jan's big guitar, a
native american flute from india, a bamboo flute from america, brass
singing bowl from nepal, and a voice from the universe (aren't we
all?)- filled with gratitude... and a lot of studying, prayer,
dreaming, being, and practice, practice, practice...

want to give my guitar stick a resonating box. got ideas, let me know.
thanks, peng you :)