get up and WALK

Forget everything that you think you know about yourself. Forget
everything that you think you know about the world. Strip yourself
naked, down to your very bare skin, bones, blood, and flesh. Stand
empty with your bare feet upon the full Earth. Feel your heartbeat.
Feel the Earth's heartbeat. This is your home. This is your body. The
Earth is your home. The Earth is your body. Give thanks. Feel the
silence of all the dirt, all the plants, all the stars, sun, moon,
animals, wind, and stones. They are awaiting your truth. Shout your
name into the depths of the deepest canyons, cavernous mawing mouths
of endless stone welcoming your freed voice and bared flesh. Shout,
and feel the echoes! Climb atop endless ancient massive stones, and
feel the wild wind ripping away all your masks of lies, self-doubt,
and societal uglification. Feel the absolute, rawly painful, and
infinitely beautiful truth of your very self. Gaze upwards at night,
and raise your arms upward to touch all the zillions of stars,
planets, Milky Way, and galaxies uncountable. Inhale all the magic of
the Universe into your stomach, core of your body being. Exhale all of
your pain. Exhale all of your thoughts. Exhale all that is not you
back out into the ether, to be transformed by the heat of the day's
sun back into the beautiful nothingness of all the everythingness.
Compose poetry to the browns, golds, greens, and reds of the
desertscape as you stride, kilometer after kilometer, through the
maddening silence of your own breath echoing through the stones and
austere cacti begging for hugs. Touch something more ancient, real,
and utterly magnificent than anything you have ever experienced in
your life. Become truly ALIVE. Jump, dance, frolic, play, be. Lie on
rocks with eyes closed, staring through hooded eyelids at the sun, and
into yourself. Feel your truth. Get up, and walk your beauty into this
world. Get up, get up, get up, and walk.