dance and anatomy

dance classes and anatomy classes seem to touch the same things 
but different modes of exploration and learning 
yesterday, 6 hours of movement exploration 
mostly on diverse ways of movement transportation
(we can roll, walk, hop, and more... different levels of movement too...) 
and extension(伸縮), contraction (收縮), and rotation(扭轉) of our limbs 
in dance, learning of different levels of movement: different heights, different exaggerations
fun to tie this in with my anatomy classes and acupuncture class
teacher Wang says that i look more and more tired each class
he asks if perhaps i have overpacked my schedule? 
i love everything i am doing right now and am slowly sculpting away that which does not feel directly pertinent to my life 
teacher has old back pain that i can't wait to learn how to help 
me? i have old wrist pain and leftover trauma in body
we will discuss my trauma in acupuncture class
i am excited to see how we will work with my body, and what result will be 
i made a promise to myself, maybe a year ago now? 
there are sooo many healing modalities 
i could spend many lifetimes learning them all 
so i need to focus 
how to choose? 
i think that... the modality that heals (or reintegrates. or whatever word you plug on.... you know my meaning) 
that which helps me, i have affinity with (有緣) 
and that one i will give my life to (share my life with) 
and help many many people in return