incoming storm

thick air wet heavy
storm soon
storm comes riding on thick clouds heavy with rain
heavy with messages (are you listening?)

small shelter in big forest with even smaller girl
(little girl old woman)
sleeping under it
big boom bam wake up wake up to
i am sorry
(never endingly so)
to this raped earth and desecrated skies waters fishes birds
two legs walking hands crawling
markets and buildings rising as
animals birds falling

clouds heavy with rain
incoming on heavy grey skies
clouds heavy
rain coming
thick with messages from afar
so far that we cannot hear?
so far from deep inside the very
souls of our feet
depths of our hearts
the cries of mamas
desecrated and raped
the cries of

i am here
you too
we are here

what are you DOING?
what HAVE you done?
where do we GO from HERE?