summer's end

red leaves fluttering already
not many, but many more en route
i too, en route
friday, ciao New England
(CONNECTicut, vermont, massachusetts)
friday, aaniin southwest desert
(new mexico, arizona, utah)
summer, hung out with kids and community
Great Hollow Wilderness School
forest and river
abundant food and poison ivy all around
old trees reaching to big sky
big sky filled with reaching branches
branches soaring up and up
up 'til one day down down
tinder, kindling, fuel
fuel, heat, oxygen
glowing coals
bursting flames
flames reflected in shining eyes
eyes connected to dancing feet
feet skimming over leaf-padded earth
earth's musty moist soil
from a never-ending summer rain
rainbow mushrooms popping everywhere
dandelions bursting from green buds into seedy fuzz
summer's end
back off into the desert
into relative unknown knowingness
i surrender



storm clouds moving in
darkness spreading thick loving fingers over the green land
another land in my head, in my heart
too many
i will miss this one, too
but not missing you,
loving you
and knowing you know the difference...



roots run underground deep
seeking water, finding earth