it's the morning
clouds are rolling across the hills
willows are sagging with sweat
from previous nights' thunderstorm party
i too am bent over
but, reaching forth still
like the knotweed blossoms
in bloom already!
it is now late summer



mushrooms grinding dead plant matter back into tall trees
shaded greens opening into ecstatic blues
where's wind blowing today?



the earth is spinning!
i can feel it
when i close my eyes
the sky is singing!
i can hear it
when i feel my heartbeat
i am so ALIVE
precious breath
rising and falling
with the winds
inner tides
i'm dancing


blue skies here today
birds singing all around
saw a mother chasing her baby deer around a meadow
baby's legs dashing all over the place
water day, today!
crawling up a waterfall
then warming fire
to stories of sunrises and sunsets
in the fire
primal heat


permaculture convergence

a few photos from my weekend at the New England Permaculture Convergence with Frank

some Great Hollow photos!

too many photos. but here's some. I am photographing again daily... and it is good :) oh, and I love my kids

camo day!

i find myself writing very descriptive emails
that make good summations for phog too
so will start adding some emails i write onto phog :)
found the mint today behind merrit
not familiar with oregano. will get familiar with it
just set a live trap behind the merrit with kids today
camo day!
thunder too, as we munched on lunch rock
one kid frozen stiff with fear on a rock in middle of water
thunder overhead
running through trees
watching others pass
prickers and pi hiding as we too hide
clouds play hide and go seek (too) with blue sky below
waters rushing and running
faster and faster
as sky father gifts us with


golden light rising over green hills
mist running lightly
berries bursting over thorns
bellies bubbling, sweet delight
more kids today!
camoflage play: dirt and leaves, charcoal masks
permaculture this weekend
skin earth colored folks
hearts shining, faces glowing
firelight moonlight
happy transitions again
old friends reuniting unexpectedly
meeting new friends joyously
barefeet packing solid supporting earth
offering hearts up
to an open sky
dying to give life
living to give death
feeling some sickness creeping through body
am helping it creep back out
with much good tea and rest
mind is all aflutter, though
yucky nonsensicals
oh yes, balance balance


blue grey

clouds tumble across a grey sky
accented blue beneath the surface sheen
slept indoors last night
six people in the room
a cacophonous chorus of breathes
rising and falling at differing tempos
my own soft and jagged
falling into rhythm with my
heart b e a t
clouds tumbling
as we roll across the
poison ivy strewn lawn
mimicking groundhogs
dancing like deer
down dark mysterious forest paths
where to next?
where are we
why are we
smiles and spontaneity
darkness and unknowing
just knowing
that beneath the seemingly ever-present grey
lies the bluest of blue blues
i know