happy healing!

A quick summation of my days (updated daily-ish)

- Aug 7= the accident. Doctors worked on me all the way until 2 AM. 53 stitches on my face, staples in my head, and both wrists broken.
- Aug 8= Bishop hospital; parents drove up from Southern California, and Sierra Challengers visited
- Aug 9= driven back down to West LA hospital by emergency vehicle. Brian and Karla visit
- Aug 10= first food in mouth (previously “fed” by IV), and sent home with parents

- Aug 11= I’m back outside again! Romping in the backyard. Glenn visits. Doctor’s visit pronunciation: surgery to the right arm when I get perhaps surgery to my jaw and/or face. Left arm in a cast. make a photo for first time since accident

- Aug 12= opened the door for myself today! Co-opers Pa, Oibaf, Fish, She-Fish, Craig, Jam, Vido visit and Mace comes home.

- Aug 13= I walk my farthest thus far: an old night-walk route. Ate my first solids since the accident, too.

- Aug 14= I bike! My mom freaks out. Stitches removed. Giau, Thao, Tien, and Elvira visit. I feed myself, enter and exit the house, and consume non-liquids regularly

- Aug 15= arrange my surgery, renovated a shirt for my huge cast-covered arms, decorated and cleaned room, start art-making, start picking my own scabs, haircut!

- Aug 16= jaw doc visit (there's an "incomplete fracture" of my jaw, so no jaw surgery! and 2 chipped teeth but otherwise fine), ate lunch at restaurant ("welcome back to civilization" says dad), visits by Ron and Alexander, meditation ultimatum issued by dad/mom

- Aug 17= I skateboard! surgery day; drugged up and knocked out for a stainless steel plate, 2 screws, and 4 pins in my right wrist, first emotional break-down since fall (I think because of the surgery drugs; stemming from my mom dissing my art background)

- Aug 18= walked a longer distance (to my middle school), skateboard out the furthest distance thus far, mom issues "no skateboarding until cast-free" dictum, started reading Muir's "My First Summer in the Sierra (thanks Eric for the book!), renewed leg-exercises (yay ballet!), lecture by dad on love versus my career (or lack thereof), much napping (one 5 AM pain pill for post-surgery arm pain effectively knocked me out for most of the day), dug up a pair of (broken) old glasses and saw the stars for the first time since accident! (reminding self why I used to want to be an astronaut!)

- Aug 19= renovated another shirt, cleansed my own face for the first time (took my dad as much time to pack for Taiwan as for me to cleanse!), effectively opened all of my mail by myself, beginning searching online for fall photo-j ops, grandpa left the Earth today (so dad took off to Taiwan for familial duties; it could have been me leaving the Earth; thankful yet again for life); slept in a car for first time since fall

- Aug 20= went to center, was in position to see sun rise and climbed my highest hill for first time since the fall (STF), experienced emotional deep pondering on said hill (my Mesa), and fully understand why I (and so many others) love heights: it just makes everything in the mind so lucid, and the world so beautiful, visited some of the first places I ever made black-and-white photos, and a place I thought I'd said "goodbye" to 2 months ago (reaffirming my discovery that goodbyes are rarely permanent), decided on a plan (also while on the hill) for the future (it's complicated and wonderful; I'm excited to start acting on it!); climbed up 5-ft stone wall, hiked to Loraine trailhead (but Helios beat me, so trail tomorrow!), first earrings, jeans, and unrenovated tee STF; wiggled right hand fingers (typing/stabbing keyboard helps)!

- Aug 21= successful morning hike up Colby Trail, but right arm hurt for rest of day from the pounding descent (though I went slowly and softly); head staples removed!; ate a bowl of peanuts; successful first draft of new photo-j cover letter; discovered the difficulties of dancing with lack of lower arm bendiness (but rocked out to music nonetheless); further, difficulties (impossibility?) tumbling in grass under current conditions